Our Team

Robert Isaac
Senior Network Engineer

Gaining Network experience in the Military and then spending 18 Months in Antarctica as a Communications Technical Officer. This allowed Robert to gain a huge Knowledge base for Communications and Networking practices throughout his career.  Robert planted his boots in Ipswich and Called MSI a home in 2017. 

Chris Robson
Senior Systems Engineer

Chris has spent the last 7 Years at Stanwell Corporation learning Networks, Systems and Control System applications in Industrial Environments. Specializing in Industrial Projects and Application support has allowed Chris to work on large scale projects for many Worldwide Companies. Returning to Managed solutions in 2018 to help manage the MSI team

Sam Hoepner
Web Support and Sysadmin

Sam has been with MSI since 2018, Following a Diploma of ICT at TAFE, Sam has joined the MSI team as a Trainee and has proven himself as a great Sys Admin and Web Support Officer. Sam is normally the first person to greet our clients and does a great job helping out in the MSI Eco-sphere.