Important Information

Managing Your Spend

Our services are intended for business customers. We will provide you with notifications via email when you reach 50%, 80% and 100% of your data allowance that is included in your broadband plan.

Usage notifications do not occur in real time but with a delay of usually not more than a few minutes after you actually reached the respective thresholds.

If your internet use is such that you often go over your included data limit and you do not wish to change your plan nor incur these charges, you may be better served by a residential provider.

The table below may be of assistance to gain a better understanding of how much data you are using. This may help you choose the right service and avoid unexpectedly high bills. Please note that actual usage will depend on the device used, the technology used (3G, 4G) and other factors. The information below is based on averages and provides estimates only.

Online ActivityApprox Data used
Sending or receiving 50 emails without attachments10 MB
Visiting 5 different web pages10 MB
Browsing Facebook for 10 minutes10 MB
Streaming 1 hour of audio content50 MB
Streaming 10 minutes of video on YouTube (SD)100 MB
Making a 10 minute call on Skype (audio call)10 MB
Uploading 10 photos50 MB

We recommend that you talk with our engineers to ensure a correct match of your requirement and the plan that we have offered you.

Your Network

Your service is provided using the No Wires, Managed Solutions and MSI networks and various interconnections with other providers and the internet.

We are responsible for the service that we are providing to you, and we will be there to help in case you have any feedback or wish to complain. If you need more specific information about your connectivity, we are happy to assist on a case by case basis as our network is built to provide for specific case requirements.

If it is not working as you need, we want to hear from you.

Paying Us

We will bill you monthly in advance and your bill will be emailed to you.

You can pay your bill free of charge via direct debit or by credit card with a small surcharge as detailed on your invoice.

If you cannot pay your invoice on time, please contact our accounts department on
1 300 626 765.

Hardware and Warranties

Where we supply hardware, e.g. a modem, router, mobile phone etc., you are most likely entitled to a warranty under the Competition and Consumer Act and we are responsible for dealing with any warranty matters on your behalf with the manufacturer.

Dealing with us

If you would like to appoint an authorised representative who deals with us on your behalf or if you wish to use an advocate, please contact us. If you wish to appoint an authorised representative, please email the details to us from an authorised email account or use the account form emailed to you when you established the account or request a copy by calling the office.

Feedback and Complaints

We are here to help! Please contact us if you wish to give feedback or make a complaint. A summary of our complaint handling process is available here: